Africa 2010


Before you think that I miraculously left Ethiopia and suddenly appeared in the world of Lord of the Rings, forget it; I am still in Ethiopia! A bigish city/town with an ancient monolithic church. Although, […]

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Roadside photograph of motorbikes looking over Ethiopian mountains


Hi there! Well, since my last posting, we discovered that Kim’s wrist was in fact fractured. Our very kind host in Khartoum (Abdelsalam a.k.a. “Mr. President“) is very well connected and one of his friends […]

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Heya, I’m currently in Khartoum! It’s proving harder and harder to get online now, apologies for the long wait! Wadi Halfa Well we decided to take the desert route to Abu Hamed from Wadi-halfa with […]

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So it’s my great news to tell you that I’ve now arrived at Luxor; all right, 2 days ago…  my first impression  whilst riding down the Neil Nile from Qina was: “Wow! Egypt has greenery!!”. […]

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So yesterday we arrived in Hughada around midday, we had set off at 7am as mentioned in the previous post. (I’ve written two posts if you haven’t noticed). (Campsite photo belongs to: Matt & Kim) […]

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