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Carnet de Passage…

Alrighty, so err… been a while, I keep meaning to write more and keep you more in the loop but between one thing and another I have been too lazy to do so. So a couple of days ago (Monday 24th May) I sent off my application for my Carnet[…]

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Return from Wales

Hi hi! I’ve been back almost a week and had lots of things to do before I could settle down again. Currently, I’m off work with a stomach bug, which has given me time to do some trip house-keeping. My photos are uploaded and I have edited the footage into a[…]

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Wales Here I come

This time next week I’ll be out in Wales testing out my gear for Africa (simply because the climates are so similar).  The plan is for Ed Noel, (you remember Noel from last year, yes, the guy who took really cool photos).  We’ll be riding round the coast line of[…]

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Messing around with new toys

Hey guys, it’s been a while and I’ve been mostly toying around with things I’ve got, my cameras are great but the weather hasn’t been much cop for doing any decent filming. 4595 A couple of weekends ago I went to the Kent County & Game Fair to meet a[…]

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Less than 190 days to go…

It’s been a little while since I last wrote on here anything. I have since been busy busy busy working, planning and ordering new toys.  So it is now less than 6 months to go until Ed and I set off on our intrepid adventure  through Africa, and frankly, we haven’t got[…]

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Panic Stations!!

Currently in Panic Stations about Africa

Hi there! The idea of riding calmly down to the Balkans, and back and taking 3 months has been thrown by the wayside for the newer, brighter idea of AFRICA (riding for approximately 6 months down to Cape Town). Ed and I have been frantically covering all our bases with so[…]

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