the Suez Canal & Ismalia


So since Cairo, we (the famous 6 of us), set off at 10am rode up to Ismailia to see the Suez Canal, spent a good while looking for a view-point. Eventually found something similar and settled for it.


We later rode on south until dark (just past the Suez Canal) and then found somewhere to camp. Our camp of choice in the dark resulted us with a nice abandoned quarry, the ground was sandy with sharp rocks but made for a good camp ground once the sharper rocks had been kicked off. We were in bed by 9…

camping-01 camping-02

…and woke up just before 6, set off by 7.

Picks from the day:


Map of the day:

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    1. Sorry the pictures I’ve uploaded were only small like that. I’ll try later to put them on bigger but for now, check facebook??

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