in… in… PHOTOS!

Oh yes Ladies and Gentlemen! I have finally found a place I could upload those Fabulous photos I promised! Here is the last of Kenya: 64006404641164156418642164246428 ….and Tanzania for you! 64336437644064436446644964526455645864616464646764706473647664796482648564886491649464976500650365066509651265156518652165246527653365366539654265456548655165546557656065636566656965726575657865816530 Enjoy!!

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So here we are! 6333|450 … this is Jungle Junction, Nairobi; an overlanding resting spot for people travelling up and down Africa, with a workshop for fixing bikes/4x4s. So, today, Craig and I went to […]

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So the roughest part of the journey is over. After the grueling 2 days of unmade road which only was about 350km we finally hit asphalt… which I might add is pristine and for the […]

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