Over the years, I’ve owned various types of bikes, from powerful fuel guzzling monsters to humble 125s. I on the most part can appreciate the qualities all bikes have to offer. Whilst the perfect bike doesn’t exist for all ones needs, one can try and do their best at achieving the “dream bike”.
Ideally, a lightweight bike that can handle a bump or two, has the range to not be a drag, and be comfortable and fun to ride as any bike is what we’re all after.

My first touring bike was a Triumph Tiger, with an extensive 6 gallon tank, and enough horse power to enter warp speed at the blink of an eye, it became very apparent that the looks of being a capable bike off road, versus the actual ability to ride it as such are very different stories, most of all it was too much of a precious machine for me.

And while my DRZ for example came shipped with a plank of a seat, and about enough power to turn a hamster wheel, but with a little care and a whole lot of internet research, things can be done, but ultimately the machine is an abacus of innovation, so much work needs to be done to make it usable, and so much of that can fail at any given point.

While my current iteration of adventure vehicle is a CRF250L, it’s far from being the perfect bike; and that’s part and parcel of the beast, there never will be a perfect bike for everything.  But I must say they’ve all been great at certain things.  If warp speed across europe was a thing I desired then the Triump would win, if I wanted an affordable junker of a biker that could run hundreds of miles without any oil in the engine, I’d not doubt the DRZ would achieve it.  Currently, my ideals are set on the CRF and I’m very happy indeed with it!