So yesterday we arrived in Hughada around midday, we had set off at 7am as mentioned in the previous post. (I’ve written two posts if you haven’t noticed).

(Campsite photo belongs to: Matt & Kim)


Our ride down the coast, was somewhat boring, but at the same time had it’s perks: we pulled over for a swim in the red sea, I filled my tank for 30 L.E. (£3.30), and lastly, we got to Hughada midday and got our lodgings for 25 L.E. each (£2.65) a night.

Picks of the day:

Anyhow, today we’ve been out diving.Well, personally I’ve been snorkelling but Ed and Craig went the full hog with the diving gear. I can’t tell you what reef we were off of, but it was gorgeous, and a great experience. I’m glad I only did the snorkelling, the diving gear from what we heard was a little iffy and for what I paid just for the snorkelling, it was cheap if just for the on-board lunch.

Pics of the day:

The internet still proving impossible. I’m currently writing this on Matt’s laptop’s . I am somewhat sun-burnt and a little tired, so I’m calling it a day for now. 🙂 From Luxor I made the pictures bigger and added more. Enjoy!!

By the way: Today is my first day on the Malaria tablets (Doxycycline).

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