Marsabit (Kenya)

So I miraculously appeared in Kenya! I bet you didn’t see that one happening?! It’s not that I disliked Ethiopia, I just was ill, had a bad experience with the food. Internet is a bit s-l-o-w out there and not worth using.

So since Gondar, the kiwis and I have crossed Ethiopia, and now are near Nairobi in Kenya. Ed and I decided to finally seperate our ways as he had other things he wanted to do back there. Matt, Kim, Dave and Steph have stayed together somewhere while Kim’s wrist recovers from the break. So that leaves it down to us 3 (Cam, Craig and I).

I could try to give you a detailed account of everything that’s happened but you’d be bored to tears. So I’ll give you the bullet points:

  • Blue Nile Falls – Waterfalls (not) discimilar to Victoria falls; except they turn the water on and off at the damn.
  • Blue Nile Gorge – best bit of hazadous bending mountain roads ever, descending about a kilometer in altitude, roads are prone to landslides so huge warps are to be expected around any hairpin bend, once at the bottom, the ascent is similar to the descent. Ethiopia is worth a visit just to do that section of road.
  • Addis Abeba – Cam had a contact of a contact of a contact: Paivi & Uha, who put us up for a night and fed us familiar food, and a good shower. This was my highlight of Ethiopia.
  • Wild camping near Yavello – followed by breakfast in Mega … the breakfast wasn’t so mega.
  • A Royal bar in Moyale, only chocolate I had in Ethiopia.
  • 20 minutes to get out of Ethiopia and into Kenya… why was it bloody hard everywhere else??
  • 10 HOURS riding from Moyale to Marsabit across the Chalbi Desert. The 250km stretch is a rocky washboard road, some sections you can get upto 60km/h most of it is about 30km/h. There is nowhere to stop/camp; and believe it or not, the road is the smoothest bit of land on the desert. It is also (rumour has it) prone to bandit attacks.

Enjoy the photos!


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