So here we are!


… this is Jungle Junction, Nairobi; an overlanding resting spot for people travelling up and down Africa, with a workshop for fixing bikes/4x4s.

So, today, Craig and I went to the KTM dealer to buy new rear tyres. YES, they were expensive, but, where else are you going to get tyres in Africa for enduro bikes?? Certainly cheaper than having them sent out here, and certainly less hassle than carrying them 8,000 km.

Oh, we met the Dylan again, and the Germans from back in Aswan and the internet is good and everything is peachy. Well it did rain… a lot to get here.

Anyhow, here are the photos from yesterday to today:


Oh look at that hand of mine… it feels like eczmar burns like acid.  Oh and I bought some workshop gloves while we went shopping today. I also managed to fix Daisy’s few teething problems today too.

Tomorrow we’re off to Hell’s Gate National Park.

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