Departure Mode


I’ve now spent 5 nights in Nairobi in departure mode, and aside from the 2 shopping centers I’ve been to (oh and the small market down the road), I’ve mostly spent the time in Jungle Junction waiting for Daisy to mend.

And obviously… the good news is that money can fix many (material) things, Daisy (probably wouldn’t like to consider herself that though), is now fixed… and despite thinking it was the clutch plates/springs, it was a simple case of the clutch cable on it’s last legs.  In MY defence, the cable was neither fraying at either end, and despite on closer inspection it was creaking a little it did however look healthy.

Today we’re off, to Arusha National Park (Tanzania), we will return to Kenya to head to Mombassa, but that ALL depends on our visass. I’m not sure when I will next get online, but I do have to say Jungle Junction is a great place to make yourself feel at home.

Last night we had a delicious barbecue (in the rain), eating some of the great meat that Kenya has to offer.


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