So the roughest part of the journey is over. After the grueling 2 days of unmade road which only was about 350km we finally hit asphalt… which I might add is pristine and for the first 50km unmarked and still being finished (thank you Chinese road makers). A further 100 or so kilometers to Isiolo, a big-ish town, which has our hotel for the night. Still not my head around the currency but a room for the 3 of us is costing us 1000 Shillings. My guess is about $12 USD.

Anyhow, Daisy and I took a few tumbles (over the past couple of days in sympathy for Kim), I should add that I’m not the most competent loose surface bike rider, however, I don’t think too much damage was sustained, I’m still alright. Daisy is a little dry in the radiator department, but she probably drank up all the water because she was thirsty crossing the desert (and definitely not because she has holes in the left radiator owing to a few falls, no certainly not that).


Did I mention, my right glove and tripod went walkies in Ethiopia? Well, they did. So hopefully tomorrow, (when we hit Nairobi), I’ll replace the gloves, I may buy a small camera prop, but not a tripod… we’ll see. I’m getting really sunburnt on hands at the moment, especially my right hand, it’s red-raw and no amount of sunblock or aftersun is helping.

Oh bad news, I just was passing over the photos from my SD card to my hard drive, and I’m missing 4 days worth of photos (77 of them), from Gondar down to Mega. I’m rather angry/upset/appalled about that.

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  1. Good to hear you’re all still alive,(still awaiting Ed’s article as proof)the roads look like ‘fun’. Unless we see a few more punctures you’re going to be in S.A soon!!. Must go,am bidding on a glove and tripod on African ebay.

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