Sadernes Climbing

Sadernes Climbing

I recently went Sadernes climbing, well not quite.  As a running theme, it seems my blog is just about climbing lately.  Well in fairness, it’s all I can afford to do that gives me the most amount of enjoyment.

Since breaking my finger in May, I’ve had a lot of time resting up and feeling miserable.  After 2 months I decided (wrongly) to start climbing again.  This lasted a fortnight before the pain was too much.

My physio (which I have to go and see quite frequently) has advised me to rest up more.

Directions to Sadernes

At Sadernes Climbing

My situation with my hand has forced me to not go to the climbing gym, or to meet climbing friends much.

However, the trip to Sadernes climbing was too much of a temptation to ignore.  I had the opportunity to go hiking and swimming and spend time with my hiking friends.  So off we went!

While I walked around all day with two cameras and various accessories, I really only took a handful of shots.  The river was mostly dried up and the few pools that remained were very crowded with screaming kids (but that is expected for a Sunday mid-summer).

It made for a great day out and definitely a place I look forward to returning when I’m at full health.

…About Last Week

Well, I didn’t make a post last week but I did go climbing which was the last time I was able to.  It would be somewhat intrinsically linked that whenever I go to Gélida I hurt my finger.

Even though the injury was already fairly noticeable by Thursday that week the Sunday excursion to Gelida certainly tipped the bottle. It was a lovely climb despite being caught in a summer storm and had to retreat after 3 routes.

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