Tibidabo 005 Cycle

Tibidabo 005 Cycle

Cactus in bloomSpring is truly here ladies and gentlemen. As I was taking out my bicycle from the balcony this morning, I saw that my window cactus was blooming. Cacti tend to bloom for only a couple of days before wilting and dying. It is great to have these reminders of the change in season.

I finally got round to changing my tyres on my bicycle this week. The used tyres I bought on Wallapop (a popular online service like eBay/Craigslist here in Spain) have sat in my room for weeks now.

So in the continued series of my bicycle adventures, here is Tibidabo 005 cycle ride.  The notable element of this cycle is that I’ve managed to shave another few minutes off the ride. Yes, about 6 minutes off the overall time!  I would put this down to the tyres were changed on my bike, maybe I’m a little fitter, frankly I set off with less energy than ever!

Tibidabo 005

The result of this ride was again surprising against my last ride where again I had shaved more minutes off the overall trip.  Perhaps this proves that with consistency one does improve upon previous attempts.

This Sunday ride was surprisingly busy at the top, being a sunny easter Sunday, there were crowds! I didn’t hang around for long before heading down again.

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