Barcelona! (What a beautiful horizon)

Ride to Barcelona

So I took the plunge and rooooode 500+ km to Barcelona in one hit. I set off at dawn and made better progress than I had thought. The day started off pretty chilly and I was happy riding with my jacket and gloves on, obviously being early accounted for this. I circled the ring road of Zaragoza at around 11am and gave myself a chance to take a break at a truckers’ cafe.  The ride was pretty simple and uncomplicated to be honest, however the heat got stiffling by midday and at which point I hit a re-visit of Norway’s: “no-move traffic jam“; where the steady flow of trucks came to a unannounced halt and left me standing on a plain in an oven like climate waiting for something to happen.

By the end of the journey I had to stop a few times (finally in Montserrat) to clean my eyes from the sweat and sun lotion going into my eyes leaving me blind… it was quite odd to have this experience.

Anyhow arrived all well and good at 4:30pm and spent the evening with Bea hanging out with her friends and talking about bikes and stuff. 🙂

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