London (pre-Olympics)

Daisy in the Care Home

Hi folks! A few days ago (before the Olympics) I was up in town doing a few errands. I was visiting friends, doing shopping. I decided to film a sight-seeing tour of the city while I was up there. The weather was exceptionally hot and made for great filming.

London Pre-Olympics


As you could imagine the preparation for the Olympics was in full swing. Having not been into the city in a while, it made a surprise to my journey. However, I managed to persevere and capture some iconic areas  which would have taken hours by car.

Camera Set-up

As you may have known, I have recently returned from North America with some extra camera toys.  I have now installed a seconday camera to my handlebars to get the author in shot. I’m still trying to perfect this so, watch this space. Attached are two videos, one being the London ride and the second a test ride. The test ride was around Epsom Downs Racecourse.



DaisyDaisy in the Care Home

As you may notice, I’m currently riding Daisy. Currently planning on taking Daisy-Su off the road for a couple of weeks while I upgrade her. However, I’m just testing out Daisy before I feel confident to ride her without any further brake/clutch/coolant/oil problems. Lately Daisy, has been plagued with various issues common in high-mileage vehicles. Before I can fully rely on her I want to be sure she’s not going to fail on me just as soon as I take the other bike apart.

Here’s to hoping! I look forward to be riding Daisy-Su with a new exhaust pipe soon! Maybe I’ll do a moto-vlog around other parts of London soon.

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