Greece (Med Trip) Episode 1

For those of you who were following the Med Trip adventure in November 2013, the video-blog (vlog) footage has been worked on over the festive period and for the first instalment is here titled Greece (Med Trip) Episode 1 I hope you enjoy it!

Neil’s in… Greece (Med Trip) Episode 1

Extract From Thessaloniki Post:

Hi there! So after a brisk hurried morning getting up at 3:30, I hurried my way to Gatwick airport to catch my flight to Greece.
Greece (Med Trip)
I had agreed to meet Noel in Thessaloniki at 12:30 and with a few departure delays, we finally set off for Greece.
Greece Adventure
Thankfully, everything went to plan and the plane got some tail wind and I arrived on time, also my bag came through on the luggage collection straight away.

Minutes past and Noel and I were on a bus heading into town in a country we had never been to before, no understanding of what was going on and on vague directions… Well, by some interpretive takes on the directions, the use of free WiFi and a chat over a coffee, we wandered straight into Emma and Tracy…

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