Things lately have been going a bit pear shaped lately. This is part 1 (yang) of 2 of a bad day I had in June.


Between my rent being hiked up by 20%, the water being axed, and the number of (selfish & unhygienic) people living with me grew to saturation point. I decided to move out, it was time, I was depressed and stressed with being at home.  However, where should I move?

After researching and exploring options, I decided moving in to my flat I have rented in Crystal Palace as a feasible option.  Reading paperwork and technicalities around terminating agreements with my tenants, I proceed to give notice.  World of pain manifested when after 2 months of rent not being paid.

This all happening simultaneously with my back having MRIs and resulting that I have a bulge on my Lumber 5, Sacrum 1.


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