Return from Wales


Hi hi!

I’ve been back almost a week and had lots of things to do before I could settle down again. Currently, I’m off work with a stomach bug, which has given me time to do some trip house-keeping. My photos are uploadedĀ and I have edited the footage into a video, currently on YouTube. šŸ™‚

I left last Tuesday, and it took me over four hours to get to the windmill, once there, Arthur and I did some chores in order to having some living conditions, such as water supply, dry wood sourcing and battery allocation to certain vehicles. I should point out that my visit to the windmill was also the first time Arthur had been there in 6 months (after his 6 month trip to NZ), so my visit was as more a help than aĀ hindrance.

Day 2 (Wednesday), Ā I had spoken to Noel, and Ed and it worked out that Ed’s dodgy knee was still not in top shape for him to meet us, so, I arranged for Noel to come by the windmill and set off the following day, since we had plenty of things to get about doing there.

Following day, Noel and I rode and met Ed riding onto Abersoch and proceeded to ride a few more days (via the Brecon Beacons) until we ended up back at the windmill. I’d bore you with the details but my wit tank has run dry for now.

Here’s Noel’s photos he’s kindly shared with us:

…and here is the much awaited Youtube vid:

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