Less than 190 days to go…

It’s been a little while since I last wrote on here anything. I have since been busy busy busy working, planning and ordering new toys.  So it is now less than 6 months to go until Ed and I set off on our intrepid adventure  through Africa, and frankly, we haven’t got our heads round the route we wish to take. Sure, it involves leaving home and also involves getting down to Cape Town… but we’re somewhat confused Israel and Egypt.  Since my last post we have revised our route from going through Tunisia and Libya in exchange for doing Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Israel.  However, with the tension out there and the bad wrap we’ve heard about having Israeli stamps in our passports we’re somewhat confused what to do.

So other than working, having an absolute nightmare with my Bandit (which for those who aren’t aware is my bike for commuting to and from work), I have been fortunate in managing to acquire some great/killer deals on some equipment for the trip. I have a pair of Diadora Race boots that I cannot wait to show off to you (as soon as I make my first movie),  which reminds me, I have also acquired a Panasonic Lumix DMC TS1, and a GoPro HD Helmet Hero, as well as a stunning tent by The North Face (Tadpole 23).

I’m looking forward to filming some footage at some point soon partly to show you the equipment but also to test out the cameras.

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  1. nightmare bandit!
    honestly, it seems every time I talk to you you’re going off to do some kind of repair on that thing.

    love the new equipment. that is, if it was the em0 cam! covert & unnoticed!

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