Wales Here I come

This time next week I’ll be out in Wales testing out my gear for Africa (simply because the climates are so similar).  The plan is for Ed Noel, (you remember Noel from last year, yes, the guy who took really cool photos).  We’ll be riding round the coast line of Wales in some fashion. Good opportunity for photos, testing out equipment, team bonding, and find any snags in the bikes/gear while we’re still on safe territory.

So today, my only day off before the off, I’ve been fitting the racks and testing luggage on the DRZ. This year, I’ve gone for using a PLCE bergen instead of the top box of last year. My thinking behind this, is that instead top box I’ll have more flexible space.. and instead of a Ortlieb dry bag, I will use the bergen (since they’re similar in water resistance) and if all goes wrong, I can just take the bergen on my back and walk the rest to Cape Town.

Anyhow this is what the DRZ is looking like for Wales:


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