It's been a few days…

Well I’ve been kicking back and relaxing some since I got here, not been carrying my camera around and spending time with friends and family so not much to tell.  However, being self conscious of this, yesterday I took my camera with me out on an average day with my uncle Mariano…

Firstly, we went to drop some stuff off his pick-up to his finca/retreat. Where he has vegetables growing and is planning renovations on so  he can live there if he wishes.

Afterward we went upto La Caldera (the boiler/caldron) … where the water is near freezing all year round. For a swim, what else?

(pictured my uncle enjoying his jet wash)

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  1. N – I love the look of the finca/retreat. A windmill and some solar panels and you’re sorted, no?
    Nothing on the bike. How is she? I think the SP1 is pining for her company.

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