HUMM Day 2

After a very very long day off-road in the heat the four of us have very little energy for anything. However, we did have a really good meal (4 courses!!) at a restaurant at lunch time for 12 euros.

Excuse the photos we only got our cameras out while we were on the roads it was a little too hairy to stop and get the cameras out while off road. Very steep mountains and loose rocks, I kid you not.

Here’s the pictures:

Again thank Noel for his contribution. 😀

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  1. Hi Neil,

    You’re doing a brilliant job recording your adventures…..wth the help of your new photographer!
    The place looks brilliant and the rides exhilerating.
    Whilst the rain lashes down outside and Becky the dog keeps my feet snug your sunny photos make breakfast feel a lot warmer!
    Tell Noel the house is still standing, the river is up to the wall, the peas have grown a foot and I send big hugs!!
    Happy riding

  2. I assume that 4 courses for 12 euros is a good thing. I have no idea what the currency is or anything.

    lovely pictures! xx

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