Ride to Montserrat

After faffing around yesterday doing this and that, and buying myself a new main jet for my carburettor, Bea and I took a ride upto Montserrat to enjoy the bendies. Now, I’m glad my face was full face, because my facial expression was similar to the day I rode into spain through the Pyrenees and any onward coming cars may have driven off the mountain edge in sheer terror of my demon posessed face.

However, the ascent helped prove a point about the carburation from see level to 1000m in 20 minutes caused the bike to pop a lot. I’ll be at over 2000m in a few days time and so far I’ve not been that high in this bike. I hope this works!

Anyhow here’s a couple of generic pictures of Bea and I taken near the top overlooking the mountains below.

Lobster Tan

Just to point out, we both got sun burnt on the way up to Montserrat and I had a biker tan forming (insides of my legs have no colour… outsides are lobster red).

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