Swedish Miles

Did you know there are such things as swedish miles… that equate to about 10km? So when someone in Sweden is being helpful and telling something is only a few miles away… expect to be walking a while.

Anyhow,  I made it to Karlstad, about 210 miles away from Stockholm due west.  Tomorrow, I have the choice of trying to get a reservation in Oslo when I turn up (which looks unpromising, the hostels international website is not telling me there are any availabilities)… or avoid Oslo completely and just head north west. Where I am at the moment I can do both things from here. Head for Sognefjord and see how far I get.  Which, is probably what I will do.

Can’t write much, I’m on a tiny little keyboard in the tourist information center.  Just to let you all know I’m ok. 


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  1. Hey you, hope you are safe and happy. I’m off to Spain tonight and just wonderered when you will be home. I will be back on your birthday and was wondering if you’d like me to take you out for dinner. Lemme know xx

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