Uggh from Norrkí¶ping

Hey, didn’t manage to use the internet yesterday. Sweden is brilliant, the roads are great and the women gorgeous and what else matters?

Ok so I had a hellish time yesterday fighting the invisible enemy… the wind was really fierce and freezing and wore me out, although the day was really sunny.  After a really rough night in a campsite last night, I’m fit for nothing.  I got to Norrkí¶ping and I’ve decided to give Finland a miss until next year.. and the Stave churches.  The bike is showing some signs of fatigue. I spent all day thinking about this carefully and the cost of crossing the Gulf of Bothnia by ferry plus, and then crossing back across the north of Sweden and Norway with the wrong clothes and a tired out bike doesn’t give me any confidence, not to mention the expense of all that… plus then assuming nothing goes wrong with the bike. The front brakes are already almost gone. I’ve found a bike dealer here in Norrkí¶ping going there in the morning see if i can get some pads.

I want to do this trip again on a smaller (and more maintainable) bike, starting in Norway and working backward to Denmark… dressed to impress…. and none of this crappy camping gear that’s really been a burden. Plus you meet cooler people in Hostels.

I feel pretty bad about the whole changing the route thing,  I really want to do the Stave churches in Norway… like crazy.  But at least it gives me something to look foward to next year.

Anyhow, good news is that I’ve had a great time in Sweden and I still have Stockholm and Oslo to look foward to. I will get to Stockholm tomorrow and spending there a couple of nights. I went past Emma’s village (Hí¥rlí¶v) earlier and also went to that village Gränna (on the Vättern lake) that is famous for its candy-canes and suchlike.  I would show you pictures but this internet place doesn’t allow USB devices.

Anyhow, for now. Ciao! 🙂

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  1. Well never mind the change of route, I am sure this trip is still a great adventure.
    There is still the possibility that you could try going back via Gothenburg and visit Rudolfo & MarjeLeena.

    Hope the bike guy is able to give you the right brake pads, by the way what happened to the tyre? did you replace it?

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