Sorry Mum

Sadly (for my mum that is), I will not be rushing home just because I had no brakes. I’ve done a little asking around at car mechanics and then a Harley rider who reminded me of Martin (only a little chunkier and in his 40s), his English was superb and sent me to a mechanic who dealt with Triumphs amongst other brands he even sent his regards to his favourite mechanic… i.e. “ask for that guy when you get there“.

No BrakesRegrettably they were too busy to fix it. However, they sold me the brake shoes and I was on my bike (excuse the pun). Cost me about £60-70 (depending on how much the bank is charging me for the exchange rate) for two pairs of shoes (front has two discs). I can honestly say I had no idea what I was doing, but a little intuition and a whole lot of grunt I managed to prize the damned things off and slipped the new ones back in. I tested it around the car park and they need a little bedding in but they’re brilliant. Such a relief.

Going to give myself an oil change tomorrow after I’ve done Asplund… I think I may in fact do it the day I’m off to Helsinki…. yes that’s right. I’m going to do this regardless of the hick-ups I get on the way. Which reminds me. I’m in need of some long johns and some bed-sheets (renting bed sheets every place is turning out costly).

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  1. Hope they do swafiga (no idea how its spelt) or something equivalent to help you clean up, oh those hands!! Good picture though…

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