The Swedes have great Humour!

Well, I’ve done everything in Stockholm that I’ve wanted to. I have been up at the crack of dawn, checked the ferries, went to see the Stockholm Library, and drove down south to a place called Farsta where the Woodland Cemetery is, to see that. Both things were epic, the amount of consideration and detail put into all of Asplund’s work is amazing. It’s as if he spent an eternity on each project thinking about every last thing. The man even designed door handles, lampshades and soft furnishings for all of his work, in every room, and yet at the same time executed his projects to have a large scale context thing going on there too… so it made sense on whatever scale you were looking at his work.

Anyhow, walking around Stockholm has given me the giggles seeing all the absurd signs about. I’m sure in Swedish they make a lot of sense but in Dyslexic they’re pure comedy.

Side note

I left my jacket and helmet under my bike whilst at the cemetery. It was too hot to wear them or carry them. My biggest fear was that they’d get stolen and figured that no low-life would go to a cemetery to steal anything so I reassured myself and walked away. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that ants would be festering over the dead beasties stuck to my helmet that i’ve not cleaned off since I left Copenhagen. The ants were everywhere.

Last point!

Finally, the ferries… I couldn’t book a crossing until Monday, I wont be going to Helsinki afterall. I should of factored in the weekend. Next stop.. Kristinehamn onto Oslo the next day. Then I’ll be heading up to Sognefjord to see the Stave Churches.

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