Scandinavian Conclusion

Scandinavian Conclusion

I’ve been back 4-5 days (depending on how you look at it), I’ve so far already gathered 2/3 punters for next years trip, I’ve planned the theme, a vague route, and honed down the bike for the job, which we all should get, figured out a supplier for the adventure components (oversized tank, comfortable seat, recommended modifications) . Been to 3 dealers, test ridden the bike and started prep’ing the tiger for its sale.

The Bike

Scandinavian Conclusion

Interestingly, I was changing the oil earlier on the tiger, the manual recommends you put 4 litres of oil in, I drained it to find that I only had 2 and a bit litres in it. No, wonder it was gritty gear changing. Oh well.

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