Last day in Bergen

After much messing around this morning by different people (including the tourist information in Bergen), being sent from one travel agents to another and then finally to the ticket office at the DFDS Seaways office in the port I finally discovered that I could only buy a ticket home by telephone or by internet. Reason I was hesitant about this was the fact I had to buy a cabin and suchlike… kicking the crossing price to about £300.  Anyhow, I bit the bullet and spent the money.

After that, I hooked up with my dorm buddies and we went up the mountain here in Bergen and went for a hike, I got totally sunburnt, took a swim in a reservoir (which was freeeeeeEEEEeeezing), and just had fun with the guys.  They’re over here to do kayaking in the fjords, how awesome!

Anyhow, I’m going off to have dinner with them before I leave. Catching the Queen of Scandinavia  tomorrow at 9:00, arrive in Newcastle the next day at 10:30.  Shouldn’t take me too many hours to get home down the A1M.  I cannot wait!!

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