Grass is greener in Norway

Finally found a place where I can write on my blog.  Been in Norway for 3 days and what can I say. This place is amazing!!!! Not enough exclaimation marks certainly.

I’ve seen so many beautitful things but given this is probably the most expensive place I’ve ever been to I’ll keep it short and save the photos for when I get home.

I’m currently in Bergen. Which is, from what I gather, a fishing town with lots to see.  However, I’ve only been here an hour and spent most of the time trying to find a boat home or a bed for the night. So not exactly seen much of it yet.

Yesterday I rode up to Luster seeing various Stave Churches (photos pending). They were amazing. However, these roads over here are possibly the slowest roads I’ve ever riden on. The MAIN roads like the E16 (which if this were in Germany would be a 284758 million lane Autobahn) was a single lane track with more pot holes and bendies than a nightmare.  It was awesome, but 8 hours on the road only got me 200 miles… do the sums.


Anyhow, very tired, not eaten yet. Tell you more when I have time/money.  I was stuck for 2 hours 45 minutes on a road closure in a valley today whilst they were tunnelling.. I literally had no choice where I was. I just had to sit there…. and that was over an hour longer than they said they’d take.

Must shoot, need some food.


Ciao! 😛

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