Hallo from Denmark

I had the coolest cruise into Ribe this morning, 3 hours that felt like half an hour and the roads were absolutely heaven as soon as I entered Denmark.  I took the B roads and did about 100km on these vast straight, smooth well signposted roads leading me all the way to my bed tonight.  Sadly the youth hostel I booked is closed between 12 and 4pm so I have to wait around. The town/village of Ribe is really quaint, and lovely and the internet is free in the information centre so here I am writing this entry.

I feel bad that I paid no attention to researching Denmark at all… it has a real feel good factor to it. No industrialization so it seems. Although not removed from modernity, has information centres at every pit stop, seems quite inexpensive and the roads are fab.  I accidentally withdrew a bit too much money I think. I may have to use it in Copenhagen to buy some Swedish Kronas because 1000DKK will support me for a year so it seems. I thought £100 in danish krones would be a start.  Even the petrol is cheaper over here.

Anyhow, I better find something to do until 4 or I’ll go potty in this tiny village.

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  1. Hi Neil are you staying in hostels or camping (or both), how is the food and have you met some nice people so far? Tell us about them…

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