Abella de la Conca

Abella de la Conca - Walking Up

Hello all,  it’s been a while since I posted on here.   Last couple of weeks I’ve been a bit off with my blog posting.


Waiting for an hour and a half for people to not show upA few weeks ago, I agreed to climb with some new folk.  This much like the first time a few weeks before, it is a little unsettling. Mostly because you don’t know how good or bad you are compared with the others.  Secondly, you have no frame of reference of how reliable they will be.  Sadly, not everything is upbeat and great with these things. I spent the evening before preparing food, for a packed lunch.

I got up bright and early. To find my climbing partner had bailed on me overnight.  Communicated with the rest of the group, was encouraged to join them anyhow. “Send you the approach if we get there before you!”  I drove an hour to meet where we agreed.  I texted and waited and called and waited some more.  After an hour and a half I decided to go home.  I wont lie, I was livid. I don’t enjoy wasting my Sunday mornings like this!

On my way home, I decided I could make good use of my gear and lunch to go and spend the day at the rock gym.

Let it not be a surprise to you: that, climbing angry or grumpy is a bad thing.   I spent no more than 5 minutes at the gym and had sprained my obliques and latissimus dorsi muscles and some unexplained finger injury that was incredibly painful.  I had to head home and rest up (angrily).

Abella de la Conca

The following weekend I agreed to go for a long weekend climbing in the Pyrenees with group I had previously climbed with at Montserrat.  Kai the one arranging things, had rented a cottage near Abella de la Conca that could accommodate us all.

I had rested up, hoping my injuries would heal in time for the weekend. Blindly hoping it would be enough time.

So let’s be positive about this experience, while my finger didn’t heal in time for the trip to Abella de la Conca, my side muscles did. However, I was in no shape to climb and after 3 attempts and only one success at a grade 4 top-rope.  I knew I should call it quits and take it easy on myself.  I was glad to have some folk the group who weren’t there just to climb.

The location was amazing and beautiful, with so much to explore and discover. Day 2 was hiking, it certainly didn’t feel like a wasted trip.  I certainly look forward to returning in full health.

I made as before, more great friends and look forward to meeting them again at some other climbing event.


Reading Dylan's BookHowever for now, I will have to stay resting up.   I have now been to my physiotherapist and to the hospital and had full scan of my joints and bones and had had the good news that nothing broken.  However, I just need to rest up and take care of myself with my finger fully immobilized.

I guess some part of me would have preferred the bone to have a fracture to a ligament/tendon damage, as they tend to heal properly.   Oh well, deal with the cards we are served eh? 🙂


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