Barcelona with the Aussies

The Aussies

Last year, before leaving Mexico City, I met Kyl and Heidi for the second time.  Kyl had been backpacking for a year in South America when I met him in Chiapas and Heidi had flown out of Australia to meet him for the last month on the road.  Sometimes you just get along with people, well Kyl and Heidi certainly are that profile of person.  Great banter and never a dull moment!


A few months back they told me they were heading to Europe and wondered if I could join them for some of their travels. Sadly, finances and work limitations didn’t allow me to. So they came to me! After picking the Aussies up in the middle of the night, we planned to meet for breakfast the next day.  Day spent in Barcelona.  Frankly, it was exhausting 14 hours later we had done most things possible without getting too cranky!

Pic de l’Àliga (Sports Climbing)

When we met in Chiapas they had been climbing the day before, and told me about their experience. Hence, how I found out about Vlad (who if you remember from last year, he took me rafting down the Colorado River).  We later went climbing in Mexico City together

The following day I took the Aussies climbing!  I had hired a car for the weekend and begged borrowed and stole enough equipment for us to go camping together.  First stop: Pic de l’Àliga, we met with my regular climbing group and went for some sports climbing up there.  I still haven’t recovered from my finger injury so I wasn’t able to climb.  However, I did climb a grade 4 chimney which didn’t require any hand pressure.  It was a fun day out!

Sant Joan (Bouldering)

The following day I took the Aussies to Sant Joan, near Manresa for some bouldering.  It was really hot and stuffy and was hard going to do any good climbing.    It wasn’t until the late evening that Kyl could really enjoy himself. We were able to camp right there between the boulders, it was perfect!


The Sunday well that’s the day of worship right?  Well, why not take them up to Montserrat?  😉  I woke up that morning with some drops hitting the outside of my tent, when I emerged it was starting to rain…. whaaat? Rain?  It was still sticky and hot!

Kyl and Heidi emerged from the forest having both slept in the car.  Heidi wasn’t keen on the idea of wild boar killing her during her sleep.  It was a shame, it was such a peaceful night!

We drove back through Manresa (and stopped at a factory that had turned into a squat to photograph it) and headed through the Forest of Crosses. You can see how overcast the day was, but it made for great ambiance!  Sadly it being Sunday the monastery at Montserrat was heaving with tourists, even though there was not a great view from the top it was still impressive.   We took the Sant Joan Funicular up to the top overlooking the monastery but there was nothing to be seen, the clouds were way too low but the experience was great!


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