Sort Yet Again

Camping in Sort yet again

While on my trip in the Americas, I had various messaging sessions and talks with followers/fans about my gear, equipment and opinions and advice about every last detail about solo travelling.

Back in Sort Yet Again

Hafsteinn had contacted me last year. Which was among many of the other people over the time I was on the road. He had written to ask me about my opinion about luggage and how to reduce on space (frankly, if you saw how I set out on my trip, you know I didn’t concur that beast from the start).   I recall having my breakfast in Sedona in Arizona last year, wondering how to bestow my pearls of wisdom about having less is having more.  Hafsteinn was planning a trip round Europe and wanted some advice. He had 120L holdall mostly to hold a tent big enough to park his bike inside.  He had written to asking me what equipment I recommend he should use to reduce on space. I shared what I could and never thought more about it.

Facebook You Beast!

It came as a big surprise to me that a couple of weeks ago I got another message from him to ask me if I lived in Barcelona and was I available.  It just happens I’m not checking facebook daily and missed his message by a few days.   We agreed to meet on his return back.

We agreed to meet in Sort (for a place on the map to meet) and as before, we were left with options.  I had a few places I had in mind to possibly visit or failing that head somewhere unknown and camp somewhere.   In Barcelona lately it’s been unbearably hot, so escaping to the mountains to me was a treat!

The Route

Both the route there and back. 🙂

Meeting Hafsteinn

Well as we agreed to meet by the town hall in Sort, it was an easy to find, and even easier to spot his Honda CRF250L.   We had lunch and then set off to find somewhere to camp.  It wasn’t long before we were exploring the little chapel that hung over us over a suspension bridge.  It was called the Ermita de Mare de Déu d’Arboló.  I think this is Chapel of Mother of God of Tree????  My Catalan isn’t great!

The Next Day

The following morning we headed out for breakfast and ride some bends. We stopped in the first town for breakfast and I got some poser photos on the bridge in Geri de la Sal although to be honest the photos aren’t as good as I had hoped.

As we headed south we dipped into Isiona before heading towards Abella de la Conca only this time, carrying on forward to Coll de Nargo (climbing areas I did a couple of weeks ago).  Poor guy I made him climb in his MX boots along the rocky ridge to take the following photo, I hope he appreciates the narcissism of it all! 😀

All in all, it was a brief outing from Barcelona.  I got the chance to meet a fan, cool off from the city heat and I got to camp which I haven’t done since August last year!   I’d say it was a great success!


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