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I decided this year to do something old something new, something I missed doing, something I used to take a lot of enjoyment in doing, and something that ultimately makes the future me happy.  Yes, that’s right, I used to write a blog, years ago back in the day of 2004 till 2006 I kept a blog writing all kinds of strange and wonderful ideas I had go through my head. I documented the quality of corned beef and discussed metaphysics and moral questions.  While, I don’t wish to repeat that confusing acid-tripesque journey I would like to share my daily thoughts and photographs between now and my next big trip. For now, I purport to keep it text and photos, maybe some videos later on but no promises on that.

In summary of what I have been doing since ending my trip in the Americas, has been here in Barcelona, scheming a few ideas on how to earn money between trying various job interviews, trying out agencies and ultimately doing a career change and training up to be an English teacher (TEFL style).

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Life changes include: buying a new motorbike in England and riding it back, coupled with deep depression, returning to England (a place I hoped never to return to) to collect it unemployed and homeless in Barcelona; I also faced breaking up with my then girlfriend Gabby, which in the eyes of many probably would have said: “It wasn’t going to last“, yet that doesn’t sooth the rampant self defeat and heart wrenching pain I went through.

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Additionally, I got big into bicycling but had that stolen from me, so good then bad.  I also obviously started climbing and that has been going really well and to which I have many things to thank for, I have both made friends, kept my morale high and also got advice into teaching which I would have otherwise not had.

So in summary, this Christmas I had my mother visiting me here in Barcelona. I then went to Germany to visit my good friend Jessica who has also done her great escape from London and now lives in Berlin.

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