Mexican Christmas with Mum

New Years & San Miguel de Allende

New Years DinnerWe had aimed for San Miguel De Allende,  Guanajuato, Santiago de Queretaro… anywhere, nobody would take us… or they expected unreasonable amounts of money even for what you’d expect back in Europe.

Eventually, we settled for the only somewhat reasonable priced hotel we could find in online….. in Celaya. Celaya was a strategically positioned town that was near places we wanted to see without being in them.  I felt that was an executive decision to stand by.

However, Celaya (for my British readers), was the equivalent of Croydon, a populated hub that honestly has no merit, beauty or pull, yet thousands live there.  Our hotel was the equivalent of a Travelodge on the outskirts of town near a by-pass the kind of hotel you go for a business conference.  I’m not big into celebrating fixed dates, but staying in this hotel certainly amplified how much I disliked consumerism, celebrating fixed dates and nowhere-towns. We stayed 2 nights, given the dates.

We visited San Miguel de Allende new years day.

Now, to set the tone; I was not feeling wonderfully enthusiastic about seeing yet another picturesque colonial town at the height of the season, and by that I mean. I didn’t wish to be lost in a crowd of people and noise.   However, that’s what we got and had.   Granted it was a pretty town but I found it very hard to enjoy with so much going on around me.   I don’t do well in crowds at the best of time and with mum and Rosa pulling opposite directions and me just wanting to hide my head in a hole, the experience wasn’t exactly great.

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