Mexican Christmas with Mum


Church a TequiilaIn the meantime I had managed to book us into a hostel on Airbnb in Tequila which was ridiculously cheap; the drive to Tequila was nondescript, just lots of Agave plantations and then yet another experience of things not being what they seemed: the hostel only took the airbnb reservation as a deposit and if we wanted the room we’d need to pay the rest.  Gee thanks guys! Do you want positive feedback for this?  That night, I took an early night as I hadn’t slept the night before very well, but had  yet another terrible night’s sleep shivering the whole night long. By 5am I couldn’t hold it in any more, and went for a walk with a blanket hoping to catch some rays of sun.


The drive from Tequila was somewhat long and the scenery was beautiful, the car running better as we climbed up to Zacatecas. Which is a place which I was familiar with, I had come through on my way to Mexico City  when I first arrived, and was now returning to a place I had every intention to see properly in.  Thankfully, without reservation we were able to book 3 beds in the hostel I had stayed in before (and had sung its praises), and even more thankful that it wasn’t just a one-off experience, mum and Rosa were both also impressed with the cleanliness, décor, situation and price of the hostel, moreover like my last stay, they endeavour to book separate parties in a room by themselves, despite there being 8 beds in our room.   Keep in mind, that 2 day before we were at the coast, walking around in flip-flops almost complaining about the heat; here, I was reaching for my wool sweater and hat.

After another rough night’s sleep (now 3 nights in a row), and despite everything being perfect (bed comfortable, ate at a reasonable time and was very tired), and I was feeling very cranky that next day.  I urged Rosa and Mum to go off exploring while I did some photo organizing  in the hostel ( which is code for: getting head out of my backside).

Later that day, mum and Rosa came looking for me, and out we went. At least I was feeling a little more social at this point.  Wandering around the colonial city was great, and having some cold air really made me feel good.

We planned the next morning to go up to the Cerro de la Bufa which is a big bluff over-looking the city, from there we could catch a cable-car down before setting off again.

We had a bit of an issue, in that… we still had nowhere to stay for the following day and it was going to be new years eve.

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