Mexican Christmas with Mum

Valle de Bravo

Church at Valley De Bravo It didn’t feel like we’d arrived back in Mexico City before we were already booking a house in Valle de Bravo for the weekend, we found an amazing property on Airbnb that slept 7 and was self-contained, lots of land, and secluded. We had been spoken highly of Valle de Bravo by various people… but mostly by Rosa.

After returning to Mexico City and Rosa complaining to the mechanics about their bogus work on her car, they claimed that the genuine Volvo dealership (in Guadalajara) had done faulty work on the car which voided their honest workmanship.  Long and the short of the story (and the dramas involved in that fiasco), the mechanics were inciting that her car needed the transmission rebuild and would cost $900usd… then after Rosa saying: “Thanks, but no thanks!“.  They spun out another story saying that the car required an extremely rare oil for Volvo that cost $100usd a litre and required 9 litres of it.  We decided we weren’t going to be using Rosa’s car any more and just rent one for the weekend.

We invited Stefano and Marco (Stefano’s brother) to come and join us at our house for the weekend.

So while the Italian brothers only stayed the one night we had a great time with them, frankly I can’t recall anything we did together but I recall it was fun! 😀


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