Mexican Christmas with Mum

On to Acapulco

Swimming in the poolThe original plan was to head north from Mexico City, however, Rosa needed to sign a contract in Toluca on route to Acapulco and since there was no real reason to go one way or another we went along and started south on route to Acapulco.  On the day we set off, it worked out the contract Rosa needed to sign wasn’t ready yet so no need to stop in Toluca, meaning we arrived in Acapulco a little earlier. 🙂

Aside from “The Four Tops” song, I really had no wild or desperate desire to go there, but also no major objections, I heard the coast was gorgeous, and would be nice to get some heat in; but aside from what I had heard, it was a tourist haven and “you’ll like it there, there’s lots of foreigners“; if that’s ever a reason not to go somewhere, that was it.    However, we managed to find a very nice place to stay outside of the hustle and bustle in a neighbouring town.  We had a quiet cabin overlooking the sea, with a tiny bay to go swimming in, and failing that we also had a pool.  Frankly, it was heaven.

The following day we made a tragic mistake, and by we, I mean: me. We set off back into Acapulco to see the Mirador La Quebrada, having left Mexico City without sunglasses, I wandered out in the midday sun to see the sights, and little did I realize 20 minutes later that I had been burning my retinas.  The rest of that day I had a chronic headache and diminishing eyesight, it was like I had adjusted the contrast on a TV set to maximum, I could make out shapes but not see detail.

I would like to point out that almost every red dot (on the map, previous page) is a day’s drive, and from B-> N along the south (excuse the idiotic order of letters, google made my life impossible with this map).  Was a full day’s drive.  But what awaited us in the dark was a hotel at the top of a cliff equally as beautiful, not to fully appreciated until the next day.  Again, we set off again to make more headway, frankly both Acapulco and Papanoa were places I could have happily spent a day or two enjoying.   My eyes at this point were killing me, and my eyesight was pretty much down to seeing shapes with no definition it was like someone had thrown the contrast up to maximum.

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