Cairo (roof top)


Well, the news is that we’ve been to the Sudanese embassy this morning, and submitted our visa applications and have been told that they’ll be processed and ready for collection Monday morning. We then, need to zoom off to the Ethiopian embassy and apply for that visa. So we’re currently stuck here in hot clamy Cairo.

So the picture above is of the sub-urb of Giza from our roof-top overlooking the pyramids, I tried many different things but regardless of what I did I couldn’t get the Pyramids to show up in photos, you can see them perfectly fine with the naked eye but no joy taking the shot. Anyhow, something fun to remark is that all those roof tops in the foreground, have cattle grazing. We’ve spent ages staring at goats, chickens, even cows all on the roof, looking for shade.. it’s nuts!

Not many photos available, I just don’t feel that secure with the cameras out.

Here’s the view from the other side of the hotel roof of the Neil… i mean the Nile

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  1. ….its raining here and I need to cut the grass and split some logs…..if I set off late this afternoon how long will it take me to catch you up?.

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