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So I got as far as the Pyramids! Sorry I didn’t make more of an effort with the appearance….. 4 hours riding in 40 degrees with a jacket on, and the last 30 minutes was in traffic.

Just a catch up for the past few days. Firstly: the ferry, 4 males, 4 days, stuck in a ferry cabin without a window cooking food with camping stoves in the toilet:


…and little else to do:


…but sit and talk with the other overlanders about what we were going to do when we got to customs in Egypt. Surely, 4 days of talking about it didn’t help.

I wont bore you; it was boring.

Here’s some pictures more interesting:




So (back to the present) our 220km to Cairo took us 4 hours, the heat is/was unimaginable. I wont recommend it.


Anyhow, yet again GPS failed, and back to the concept I originally suggested: ask a cab driver to lead the way to a hotel, and it’ll cause little stress and worth every penny. Thankfully before I got to repeat myself a cabbie approached us and did the convincing for me. We’re currently in the Swiss Inn Nile Hotel (5 stars) about £12 each, with a roof top pool with views over Cairo right next to the Nile…. yes the Latitude map is accurate.

Tomorrow, we’re going to see if we can get our Ethiopia & Sudanese visas, let’s hope we get it done in one day!!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ahlan ahlan ya neil…

    Too bloody right! You should have got some more instruction from me before you left! I reckon you’ll both be fine with the basics. Try to sprinkle as much inshallah (god willing) and mashallah (roughly traslated as ‘wow, thats amazing, god made that sunset/ camel/ fantastic meal/ beautiful woman (careful with that one- just dont look is my advice to you!) so its got to be good)

    Your blog is making me sick with envy.
    Im in Archway and its raining. PAH!

  2. Great news,you’v made it!. I heard today that the pyramids have moved 5 miles since they were built!!?,Steve Wright factoid-must be true. I just finished Jonny Bealbys book about riding round Africa,hopefully you’v never read it and things have now changed in Ethiopia and the Sudan!. Love the photos. Hello to everyone.

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