I’ve been struggling to write anything when I’ve had the opportunity to get online (mostly due to the hectic family crisii that seem to occur every time I get my head down to concentrate). Suffice to say, I’m now writing this all elsewhere with the intent of pasting it on my blog when I get the opportunity to do so.

So the past few days have been fun, last Friday, Ed and I moseyed along to “Castroviejo” on our bikes for something to do. Castroviejo is a rock formation in an area of outstanding beauty, despite we ruin the scenery in our photos, and I hope you can just enjoy the “idea” of it. 😀


Saturday, started off as a lazy non-event day, in which we decided that we’d change my inner tubes in order to reduce my luggage, since after all we have puncture repair kits as it is, and the extra-heavy-duty-don’t-stand-a-chance-of-getting-a-puncture tubes I have fitted are suffice to do. PLUS: Ed is carrying 1 set of spare tubes which between the two of us will do if we have a valve rupture or suchlike.  Anyhow, my luggage has now got an extra 10 litres of space or thereabouts.

After dinner, we decided to go passed the plaza to see how the wedding was going (Wedding of a cousin of Vidal), which to our surprise we were invited into and ended up spending the rest of our night, laughing, dancing and more laughing.


During the night, Vidal suggested we’d go to the Pico de Urbion (one of the highest mountains in Spain) in the morning, which sceptically we agreed to do, and so on Sunday morning we rocked up to his house were we went and got his 4×4 and drove up to the top, fortunately we weren’t alone when we got there, so we got a group photo. 😀


From there, we were taken down to the Refugio (for paella) with my friends from always Laura, Tamara, Trini and Ruth and co.  It was gorgeous and even Ed who doesn’t like seafood really enjoyed it. So it couldn’t of been that bad eh?

In other news: my debit card replacement has arrived at home… and now it’s just a question of getting it sent to Barcelona. My ever helpful bank that is “there for the journey“ decided to pre-emptively expire my card just before I left on MY journey, which they had NO intention of telling/re-issuing; until I called them to tell them I was about to go on a journey to Africa; to which you could happily expect to hear a nonplus telephone manner about “sorry, we can’t send your card abroad“ along with the great security suggestion that: “before you get someone to forward your card overseas, could you give them your PIN and ask them to withdraw some money in the UK first otherwise your card will be defective“.  I am totally enamoured with my “for the journey” bank. Cheers LloydsTSB!  (Don’t get me started on the Credit Card of non-existence which I have asked to be reissued twice….”ooh the fury”)

Enough of the digression; we are heading off to my uncle’s in Lodosa (near Logroño) on Wednesday, hopefully to buy myself some clothes. Yes, 3 t-shirts and underwear (inclusive of worn) aren’t sufficient, and no:  boots & sandals aren’t covering my bases.  We hope to head into Zaragoza for a couple of days too but not entirely sure, and then from there, head down to Barcelona for the 14th where we have made reservations at a hostel on Las Ramblas. Don’t ask me about parking. 😛

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