I’m currently in Barcelona. Ed and I arrived yesterday in the afternoon from Barbastro,  I have since bought myself a mobile phone with the intent of getting it unlocked, so I can use it in Africa; however, after buying it and taking it to be unlocked, I’ve been informed it’s not un-lockable despite being told otherwise from the person who sold it to me.  Bummer eh?

I didn’t take any photos yesterday, none, not a single shot. I’m not proud. Although, in my defence the road from Barbastro to Barcelona was incredibly dull stretch of main roads. Hopefully today I should get some decent shots in.

I’m meeting Bea from last year later on, I hope she enjoys the birthday present I’ve been carying since England… (my luggage space should appreciate it at least).

Ed has bought himself a gigantic box from the post office and is going to send half his things back, and going to buy it all over again (so it seems).  Don’t ask!

Anyhow, bike has been running nice and smoothly, so don’t worry! I’ll be getting out of Spain at least. 😛

Post more later!

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  1. N. Mandy thought it was hilarious that it had taken you all this time to get to Barcleona. She thought you would be mid-Sahara by now. I explained about your family commitments in Spain and that your bike goes 28mph max.
    Keep it all coming; I’m enjoying the soap opera as it unfolds. D.

  2. Hi-just wanted to say don’t go buying any locked phones because……oh…..sorry. Also so glad Ed has seen sense and decided to send back his pajamas,teddy and those baking scales, I did tell him!. I’m off to Southern Italy today so will catch up with you upon my return.
    Hope Bea likes that little DRZ scale model present you’v been saving for her.


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