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After a difficult night the night before departure with nerves we left at 7am and headed off to Portsmouth with Mum and a sack of food. We made good time, had plenty of time to kick around. Ferry set off all on good time, but soon we realized how bored we were going to be… we found a good place to pitch up and stayed there until bed time, actually the story of our ferry journey was incredibly dull, however it was warming to be recognised by fellow bikers when were queuing to exit. Anyhow here’s yesteday’s pics


Today our ride through the north of Spain was beautiful, I expected it to be but still surprised how great it would be.  We filmed a bunch of things, hopefully when we’re less tired we’ll have a look at uploading them to youtube while we have abundant internet.  😀


Right, I’m off to sleep. Tomorrow more!

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  1. Ok now I’m starting to get just a tinsey bit jealous,the Gerbal would love it out there.
    I forgot to mention-if you need any technical support,and by that I mean parts sourced and shipped etc just let me know.
    Noel x…no x

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