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Ed are on our first night away from the warm embrace of my Spanish family, and currently a day’s ride away from Barcelona. We left Lodosa this morning and rode idly down tertiary roads all the way to Barbastro, which is a nice little city (much to our surprise).

We stopped today at Ejea de los Caballeros to eat our lunch in a shaded pedestrian walkway eating the food we were provided by my cousins. Only to discover on leaving that my bike didn’t want to do anything.  An hour later the problem was discovered to being a simple battery connectors after stripping redundant electrical parts from the bike.



Anyhow, the passed few days in Lodosa has been great, we’ve done a bit of everything from bull running to pool tanning, to tapas and general socializing. To even pretending to not speak Spanish in order to ignore the hostel owners where we stayed.

Here’s a few pictures from the past few days:


More soon!

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