Greece (Med Trip) Episode 2

In continuation with the Med Trip adventure series, based on my road trip with my friend Noel in November 2013, the video-blog (vlog) footage has been worked on over the festive period and for the first instalment is here titled Greece (Med Trip) Episode 2 I hope you enjoy it!

Neil’s in… Greece (Med Trip) Episode 2

Extract from the Pirsogianni Post

After waking up to a dark grey day in my tent, I opened up to discover we had camped the night before in a valley that attracted clouds… And to my disappointment everything was soaked.

Med Trip Episode 2

We made eggs and bacon for breakfast and set off into the most.

So yet again Noel and I merrily rode on, soon after going further and further up hill we were up: beyond the clouds and greeted by old men in hi-vis vests with rifles hunting or something, we waved and carried on.

The roads were much smaller than the day before add we rode past tiny towns and villages reminiscent of Spain, white washed with terracotta roofs, flower pots hanging on walls and old women dressed in black.


We stopped for a coffee and a nibble and realized the cafe with a garden we had stopped at had miniature golf… Lively! ….although far beyond neglected…

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