Somewhere sooth of Oxford

So after a very slow day in which I didn’t leave home until 5 pm, I slowly made my way toward Reading, where I found myself a Decathlon and found my much sought after low camp chair….which believe it or not has been something I’d been hoping to find  since way before my Africa adventure. I’ll link you to the chair when I get back…it’s amazing!

Slow start to the trip.

From Reading, I followed signs for Oxford, giving up on my hopes to make it to Gower before night fall…thinking on the saddle, I figured north would suit me better for the journey ahead. Gower shall be another day.

Currently I’m pitched up in a field by a river in a village called Shillingford Hill, suffice to say the free camping spots were scarce to the point that every field was what and everything else was golf courses and after an hour of hunting around village by village, found myself asking at a few campsites before relenting in £6… Others expected me to pay £18!

Just in time, as now it is pitch dark and I’m being eaten alive!

Tomorrow I hope to make it to Snowdonia national park somewhere.

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