Yesterday saw a fantastic improvement on the journey! The cosy bunkhouse saw a slow start to the day which gave me plenty of time to study the map, noticing that Stockport was a destination on the map, remembering that my uni friend Georgie lived there, I sent out a text message which was greeted with an enthusiastic reply saying that she only got back the day before.

Georgie and her parakeets

A few hours later, we met up for tea and a game of swing-ball and lunch in the sunny garden before I headed off up north.

Becky the retired sheep dog

The journey up to Kendal was via Bolton, Preston and Lancaster which I quite enjoyed driving through on the smaller roads. Eventually, I arrived at Noel’s house and before I knew it we were emersed in chatter about this and that and everything else.

loading the trailer

Today, so far, I’ve helped Noel (if you can call it that) with a few odd jobs, before he set of to go of to another job.

In a bit, I’ll dismantle Daisy again and try and solve the judder problem I’ve been having since the other day, I think it’s something to do with what my friend John did to my spark plug, but then again out could be water in the carburation. Either way, I shall delve.

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  1. I only just thought of looking on here Neil. Daisy sounds as if she is being naughty, poor old love! Sounds as if you are having fun (well sort of) any other plans while you are there?

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