A very wet Snowdonia

Well, what a day it has been! Last night’s campsite turned out sour, the road passing the campsite wad in constant use all night by trucks and the neighbouring helicopter airfield was doing night ops most of the night. Ooh well!


This morning, I set off with Oxford in mind (having forgotten my breakfast supplies) to buy a few bits for breakfast comfort.

On route I stopped in Evesham for a for a hot drink (the rain was getting me down), the service station had nowhere indoors to sit and drink so I sat on the floor in the car wash shelter…


A little distance after Evesham I saw a group of bikers stopped with a couple of bike wrecks. I realized these were the guys I met at the motovlog London meet. I pulled over and joined them. They were heading to Snowdonia were waiting for recovery of the two wrecked


We then, carried on to Snowdonia where the weather progressively got worse.

Anyhow there is no network available to publish this tonight so I’ll do so in the morning.

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