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Still in Livingstone

Hi guys we are still in Livingstone and have just got back from white water rafting down the Zambezi, had a fantastic day got a fantastic sun burn. Tomorrow, we should head into Namibia… (after I fix my exhaust). Anyhow, we made some great friends in Lusaka who are also here[…]

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Overlooking Victoria Falls

Hey there! So since my last post we’ve made our way across Zambia and now in Livingstone. In Chipata, we had a day off restocking our supplies and general maintenance (oil changes and tyre pressure checks):     The following day, we headed west toward the Luangwe Bridge Camping, however[…]

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So finally, we’re now in Zambia with 3 border crossings remaining! Our ride from Kande Beach to the border was rather straight-forward, and despite the distance the day seemed to pass rather fast and smoothly and we were not necessarily tired from the ride by the time we arrived here[…]

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(I’m writing this from 2 countries later so need not take it as in the Present) Our 3 day ride from Arusha to the boarder with Malawi took us firstly to Segera near the coast (not on the coast) of Tanzania on the first day (where we met 3 Irish[…]

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