So finally, we’re now in Zambia with 3 border crossings remaining! Our ride from Kande Beach to the border was rather straight-forward, and despite the distance the day seemed to pass rather fast and smoothly and we were not necessarily tired from the ride by the time we arrived here in Chipata.

On our way through the capital city of Malawi (Lilongwe), we stopped at a very westernized shopping center which boasted a pizza chain, which we could not resist. It can be amazing how for days on end of travel ling through towns with mud-hut shops selling inedible ingredients can be contrasted with a sleek and polished shopping mall within the same country, however, we didn’t stop to question it, it’s the first bit of Americanization we’ve seen since Nairobi (it was great!).

Anyhow, from here we’re going to casually ride down across Zambia over the next 4 days, (excluding today here in Chipata to do some maintenance and restock on supplies). Hopefully find somewhere to FINALLY connect to the internet and post these GREAT bits of news for you all to read!

Unfortunately, not photos were taken on our ride here yesterday.

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